Japan info offers a new print journal about United States of America relations with Japan in February. Also to discover, the portrait of the Japanese judoka: Jun Konno. Our double page poster will take you to Yokote in front of his white castle. The log is sent from this week at all subscribers and will receive it in their mailbox

Between military occupation, defense treaty, economic partnership and the fight against a “Common enemy”, relations between Japan and the United States are strained and relaxed regularly.

US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?

Summary: diplomacy, China and Okinawa:

Japanese-American diplomatic relations

Agnès Redon – journalist

An “unwavering commitment” from the United States. This is the recent promise reiterated by US President Joe Biden in Japan, in accordance with the military alliance in force between the two countries. As relations deteriorated under Donald Trump’s presidency with many Asian countries, including Japan, relief is important to many observers, except for some conservatives.

US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?
Okinawa, May 2017: Banner against the stationing of US forces on the island. More basic! No more murder !. (Photo: RYUSHI / Shutterstock.com)

Chinese shadow between Japan and the United States

Emmanuelle Crane – journalist

The years to come will be more peaceful between the two giants, in any case the tone of President-elect Joe Biden will certainly be more civilized if not more conciliatory with the Chinese government. How this will affect the relationship with Japan remains to be seen, but it is likely that military cooperation agreements in the Indo-Pacific will strengthen in the turbulence to come.

Okinawa, overwhelmed by the military presence

Jean-François Heimburger – journalist

If there is one Japanese territory where the American military presence represents a burden for the inhabitants, it is the Okinawa department, where numerous incidents have occurred for decades.

Infographics: history of US / JAPAN relations

US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?
The fuzzy parts of this special Japan / United States of America infographic are to be discovered in its entirety by subscribing to the paper newspaper of Japon infos.

Kamakura from Yokote

US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?
A small Japanese castle in a corner of Akita county – hill type and rebuilt. From the local station, the path that climbs there is a string of igloos which are in fact ephemeral mini sanctuaries, illuminated in the evening, and in which everyone can return to taste a hot mochi and amazake. Photo credit Nippon100.com
US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?
Takumi Terauchi demonstrating his mastery of the art of basketry. (Photo: DR)

Mastery of wicker in Kinosaki

Maëva Curutchet

Kinosaki Onsen: town of well-being and thermal baths. This ancient Japanese village is mainly known for its 7 hot springs, with relaxing properties. But in Toyooka, the central city, a last Japanese craftsman perpetuates an ancestral practice: the manufacture of high-quality wicker bags.

Three collections to discover the mysteries of Japan

New books on Japan keep coming out over time, we noticed in the editorial staff with the receipt of press releases and press prints. Last month, we had a pleasant surprise when we received Secret Japon, 3 atypical notebooks written and illustrated by Franck Ferrandis.

Kanji 榎: a tree like no other

Yves Maniette – author of the book Kanjis in the head

The small village of Sauve in the Gard is known in particular for its conservatory dedicated to the hackberry tree, a tree with flexible and resistant wood that has been made into hay forks for centuries …

A novel about serenity

Emilie Guyonnet – journalist

Aki Shimazaki is a French-speaking writer of Japanese origin. She emigrated to Canada in 1981 and has lived in Montreal since 1991. She learned French on her own, then in a school at the age of forty, and has been writing in our language since 1999.

Japan relocates part of its industry

Faced with supply difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, developed countries are considering relocating part of their production. Japan is no exception. It is in fact heavily dependent on China, where 20% of its spare parts and imported materials come from.

US-Japan relations, Journal Nº34 & # 8211;  The disunited states?

Portrait: The gentle way of judo

Mathieu Rocher

Jun Konno, the director of the high level of Japanese judo, has established a more harmonious framework within the elite of the tatami mats. Where we forget the expression “Japanese training”.


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