Landing statements | Gion matsuri

Landing statements | Gion matsuri | Giant cat

In the press review on Friday July 16, we will discuss: the words of the director of the Olympic committee, the preparations for the Gion matsuri and the giant 3D cat in Shinjuku.

Implausible words

Twice this week, the president of the Olympic committee international, Thomas Bach, made statements which are very badly spent among the Japanese population. Thursday, on the move, he explains that the risk of athletes infecting the population is zero, in view of the numerous tests carried out. The next day, during an interview with the Prime Minister, he calls for the ban on spectators to be lifted. According to an inside source, the Japanese government has no plans to reverse this, what is more, with the rise of cases for several weeks in Japan.

Compromised festival

This year again, the festivities around the Gion matsuri of Kyôto born can take place because of the pandemic. This festival served, since its creation in 869, to ward off catastrophes and epidemics. Nevertheless, in the streets, the many craftsmen build the tanks gigantic (yama or hoko) in the streets of the former imperial capital. The goal of these preparations, despite the planned cancellation, and that these craftsmen do not don’t lose control after two years of inactivity.

3d cat

At the exit of the train station Shinjuku from Tôkyô, the travelers could see a most bluffing spectacle. Indeed, a sign advertising presents a giant cat with a striking 3D impression. On this 120 square meter screen this calico cat looks raised no matter which side you look at it from. A successful marketing and technological operation because many passers-by take the time to admire the show.


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