Lifting of the state of emergency | The Olympic torch relay

Lifting of the state of emergency | The Olympic Torch Relay | Naomie Watanabe

In the press review of this Thursday, March 18, we will discuss: The lifting of the state of emergency, Japanese celebrities withdraw from the Olympic torch relay and Naomi Watanabe in the face of sexist remarks.

Lifting of the state of emergency

The government has officially declared that the coronavirus state of emergency currently imposed on Tokyo and three neighboring departments will be lifted on Monday. Yasutoshi Nishimura, however, stressed the importance of minimizing a resurgence, and pledged to step up mass testing in major cities. He notably encouraged the Japanese to avoid non-essential outings and to give up seasonal parties and gatherings, recalling that the virus spread quickly last spring. ” There could be small outbreaks in the future and it is difficult to reduce new daily cases to zero. The main thing is to prevent this from becoming a major epidemic.

Japanese celebrities withdraw from Olympic torch relay

Japanese celebrities are pulling out of the Tokyo Olympics torch relay one after another before its scheduled departure on March 25. This is partly due to the prolonged uncertainty of the relay and the games linked to the pandemic, but also because of the many sexist remarks by the former president of the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Yoshiro Mori. . We find the actor Toru Watanabe, the actor Atsushi Tamura who notably withdrew from the relay. Other celebrities including Takumi Saitoh, actress Takako Tokiwa and male idol group TOKIO followed suit. According to the organizing committee, only comedian Atsushi Tamura withdrew from the relay because of Mr. Mori’s comments.

Naomi Watanabe responds to sexist remarks

Famous artist Naomi Watanabe, in response to insults from Tokyo Olympics Creative Director Hiroshi Sasaki, said she was comfortable with her body and encouraged people to accept more of those who are. different. ” I worked fully understanding that people don’t care about my appearance“Said Ms. Watanabe. ” I am happy with my body. Being fat isn’t everything for me, so I will continue to work as Naomi Watanabe as always. While Hiroshi Sasaki had suggested last March that Watanabe be turned into a pig for an Olympic ceremony, he resigned following the remarks, just over a month after Yoshiro Mori resigned.


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