List of non-vaccinated | Supreme court judge

List of non-vaccinated | Supreme court judge | Detective Conan

In the press review on Friday, June 18, we will discuss: the dissemination of a list of unvaccinated people, tweets from a controversial Supreme Court judge and a Japanese tax office official accused of filming in a cinema.

List of non-vaccinated

One of the Osaka city offices has listed all employees not wishing not to do vaccinate and passed it on to many managers and managers. According to them the primary intention was not to offend or point the finger at these people, it was a question of knowing who wanted to be vaccinated in order to distribute the doses better. Nevertheless the 29 people involved could be discriminated against or ostracized.

A judge with controversial tweets

A parliamentary committee has decided to dismiss the judge Kiichi Okaguchi in front of the court of dismissal for some tweets deemed inappropriate. The first message dates from 2017 when it commented on the murder a 17-year-old high school student, then in 2018 when he said that the victim’s family was influenced by the Tokyo High Court to harm him. Kiichi Okaguchi has already done subject to sanctions in the past, having shattered the public’s confidence in justice. His lawyer deplores an attack on the freedom of expression of judges. To date, only seven judges were dismissed.

A Detective Conan capture

Head of Department of Ashiya Tax Office Charged copyright infringement and on the prevention of unauthorized capture of films. The 50-year-old man was spotted during the screening of movie Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet with his smartphone in his lap by another client who alerted the authorities. The man said he wanted to record the film to watch it at home in case the cinemas close because of the state of emergency.


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