In the press review of Tuesday, April 13, we will discuss: the waste of doses of vaccines against Covid-19, the South-West of the Archipelago hit by a series of earthquakes, and we will talk about the particular relay of the Olympic torch.

Warning against wasting vaccine

This Tuesday, the minister in charge of the vaccine, warned local governments against lost doses. This warning occurred while Tarô Kôno revealed that up to five doses vaccine from Pfizer.Inc had been discarded on Monday due to last minute cancellations. Mr Kono suggested that local authorities be flexible in the use of doses that have become available following the cancellation of vaccination appointments. For example, by assigning them to people aged 64 or less or to those who live outside their municipality.

“No problem, there are no restrictions”, said the minister during a press conference. Yesterday, 1,139 people aged 65 and over received the first dose of the vaccine, making them the second group to be vaccinated after health workers. The government, which is frightened by the idea of a fourth wave, seeks to acquire enough doses to vaccinate the 36 million seniors, representing 29% of the population. Japan lags behind the great world powers in terms of vaccination, because the country depends only on imports.

Series of earthquakes in the southwest

In Kagoshima County, a small island has been regularly hit by earthquakes since last week. The meteorological agency has warned that further tremors are expected to arrive in the coming days. The most recent earthquake, shook the island of Akuseki, Monday at 11:01 p.m., level 4 (magnitude 5.2 richter) on the scale – shindo – Japanese seismic intensity up to 7. In recent days, 200 earthquakes have been felt by residents, including five that have reached the shindo 4. The Meteorological Agency has nonetheless dismissed concerns that recent events could herald the arrival of large-scale earthquakes that could cause earthquakes. devastating tsunamis in the coastal areas of the Pacific. Akuseki Island is part of a chain known as the Tokara Islands, located southwest of Kyûshû, belonging to the Satsunan archipelago.

The Olympic torch relay in silence

The Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for 2020, were canceled in March last year because of the health situation. Postponed until this summer, the Games will normally take place. The famous Olympic torch relay which takes place before each Olympic Games is unfortunately different for this Olympiad. The bearers of the flame of Tokyo Olympics, walked through an empty park on Tuesday Osaka, after the torch relay was diverted from public roads due to a sharp upsurge in coronavirus infections. Osaka became the first department in Japan to give up organizing the relay in its initial format. According to a poll carried out by Kyôdô News between Saturday and Monday, only 13.2% of respondents said the relay should continue until it passes through Japan’s 47 departments ahead of the Games’ opening ceremony on July 23, 2021.


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