Marriage for all | Lifting the state of emergency?

Marriage for all | Lifting the state of emergency? | New variant

In the press review of this Wednesday, March 17, we will discuss: The refusal of marriage for all declared unconstitutional, Japan plans to lift the state of emergency on Sunday and the first deaths by a new variant of COVID-19.

The refusal of marriage for all declared unconstitutional

The Sapporo Magistrates’ Court ruled on March 17 that the government’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages is unconstitutional and discriminatory against homosexuals. ” Sexual orientation is not something that a person can choose and change as they please“Said judge Tomoko Takebe. ” It is discriminatory treatment to deny homosexuals even part of the legal benefits resulting from marriage.“. Takebe also said that refusing same-sex marriages violates article 14 of the constitution which guarantees equality for all.

Japan plans to lift state of emergency on Sunday

The government plans to lift the state of emergency on Sunday in Tokyo and three neighboring departments. This would end the current state of emergency which has lasted for about two and a half months. Most of the main members of the government would be in favor of this lifting because the infection situation in these areas meets the required criteria. ” I want to make the decision after consulting with experts, while taking into account objective figures such as the occupancy rate of hospital beds. I need to take a little more time“Said Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

First deaths from a new COVID-19 variant

The first deaths of patients infected with a new variant of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the department of Kanagawa. According to him, three patients were confirmed infected with a variant of the virus, including two men tested after their death and who resided in the department. One of the deceased patients was in his 50s and suffered from hypertension and fatty liver disease. The other man, aged 70, had no underlying pathology. Further tests are underway to determine which variant they had contracted.


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