In the press review of this Friday, September 25, we will discuss: the European tour of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the probable change of the anti-missile system, and finally the ranking of two Japanese women in the top 100 of the Time.

Motegi in Europe

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi is expected to visit Europe between late September and early October. He is to visit Germany and France to strengthen international cooperation to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region, where Chinese pressure is growing. In particular, the minister will share with his counterparts Heiko Maas and Jean-Yves Le Drian his concerns about the surge in Chinese territorial claims in the seas of southern and eastern China. Finally, they could also discuss measures to ease travel restrictions between countries, in this time of coronavirus.

Change in defense

While Aegis Ashore anti-missile systems were to be installed in Akita and Yamaguchi departments, the latter refused to accept them. Indeed, there is a risk that parts of the system fall on inhabited parts. To remedy this, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi announced that the solution could come from new ships or platforms close to those used for oil extraction. Some of the elements planned for the terrestrial version can be reused, but problems persist. The new systems would be more sensitive to weather conditions, an important factor in a country affected by typhoons, and they would increase costs.

Two Japanese women in the top 100

Like every year, the American magazine Time compiles a list of the 100 most influential people in the world. For 2020, two Japanese are present. Finally, two Japanese women to be precise, since they are Shiori Itô and Naomi Ôsaka. The first is a journalist and symbol of the #metoo movement in Japan. After her rape, she fought for justice, freeing the words of many women who were too often silent. The second is a tennis player who won the US Open this year. She was also noticed for her commitment against racism by wearing masks with the names of black victims of the American police. It is also the second consecutive year that it is present in this ranking.


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