Mud flow | Local elections

Mud flow | Local elections | Important positions

In the press review of Monday, July 5, we will discuss: the mudslide that affected the city of Atami, the local elections in Tokyo and the number of women in leadership positions in Japan.

Atami under water and mud

This weekend, the seaside resort ofAtami located in the Shizuoka department in the center of the country, was touched by torrential rains causing a mudslide in the urbanized area. In the city, 313 mm of water fell right 48 hours against 242 mm in normal times. Currently 2 persons have been found dead and 20 are missing, and the balance sheet should evolve further. Research is still ongoing and the army has been called in to help.

Failure for the majority

On the fringes of natural disasters, in Tôkyô, there was the election of the metropolitan assembly from the city. The political coalition between the Komeito and the Liberal Democratic Party received a heavy blow from voters. They do, in fact, not completed to have a majority in the assembly. A setback for the coalition of the Prime Minister who “pays” for his management of the health crisis and the Olympic Games. A result that could have consequences for the general election, in particular because it reflects a loss of trustworthy voters to the government.

Women in positions of responsibility

A study has shown that women occupied only 5.9% of management positions in Japanese government agencies, highlighting the delay in gender equality. This figure does increased by 0.6% in a year, when the government had expected a total of 7%. Of the 18 ministries, 7 did not meet the targets. The government reiterated its will that 10% management positions are held by local women 2025. A goal which appears hard to reach currently, without further action.


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