New video Walk FAQ in which I take this opportunity to introduce you my new apartment in Tokyo ! This time we will avoid walking too far given the current conditions but I have a lot of pretty spots around my home!


First and foremost, this video is an opportunity to announce 2 major projects which I am currently on and which are a logical extension of my work in video for 8 years.

  • I started writing a book.
    For now no idea when it will be released, I will take my time but I have found a fascinating subject that will be interesting to discuss.
  • I run a weekly Talk-Show
    Meeting on NOMIKAI’s channel on Twitch for this program that I produce and host with the illustrious Amine de Japania, Mutsumi, Louis, Manu and Thomas.
    The show will be broadcast every week live on Twitch every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (French time). There will also be a second Live bonus, NIJIKAI, weekdays around 4-6 p.m., where the illustrious Amine de Japania and I will answer all questions.

Two exciting projects which are a real logical extension of my work so I hope you will be there! 🙂


I moved in May 2020 to a new apartment twice the size of the previous one but still in the same neighborhood (2 minutes walk).

To give you the history, I lived in a Share House during my first year in Japan in WHV. The rent was 73,000 yen (570 €) per month with charges included for a small room in an apartment shared with other people.

I then moved to an apartment just for me 20 m2. The rent was 84,000 yen (€ 660) not including charges.

Finally, I moved to my new 40 m apartment2. The rent is 150,000 yen (1,220 €) per month without counting charges except Internet. It’s a pretty expensive price but I’m paying mostly for the view from the 14th floor as well as the location with the Yamanote line right next to it, a 7 minute walk away.

View of Fujisan from my new apartment …


To answer the various questions received, we will take a walk around my home, first of all my neighborhood, Shiinamachi, which is a place that I love and where I have lived since I have been living in Japan (almost 4 years).

Welcome to my neighborhood in Shiinamachi

Direction then Ikebukuro, the big, ultra-lively neighborhood right next to my home. This time we will take the opportunity to discover its quieter corners and less known as its great Buddha, the shounji temple and its magnificent café inside the temple or even pretty temples and shrines lost in small alleys.

We also take the opportunity to taste sweet dishes Borzoi, a take-out French cuisine restaurant run by a passionate Japanese who prepares what is arguably the best flan in Tokyo…

For a more Japanese meal, I suggest the restaurant Aka Oni which is a Hiroshima themed restaurant with very good Okonomiyaki, a specialty of the city.

The Shounji temple cafe


To close this video, I wanted to please myself by offering you a Battle way Rap Contenders against the illustrious Amine de Japania …

There you go, see you soon for the next video which will be a new video in a school… in a college in Japan!

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