New economic measures | Infected children

New economic measures | Infected children | New submarine

In the press review of this Wednesday, October 14, we will discuss: new measures to save the economy, the survey of children affected by hornonavirus, and finally the new Japanese submarine.

New economic measures

The Japanese government is expected to take further steps to revive the economy hard hit by the coronavirus. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will instruct his team to prepare measures for next month at the earliest, in order to be ready for the third part of fiscal year 2020. This third budget is expected to be voted on in the Diet in January. 2021, while the initial budget for fiscal year 2021 will also be discussed there. Among the ideas considered, we find the extension of the tourism promotion campaign “Go To” or measures on taxes for people in difficulty during this crisis.

Infected children

According to a survey published by the Ministry of Health, 78% of children who contracted the coronavirus were infected at the family home. The survey was conducted on 472 children aged 0 to 19, or 7.6% of children infected as of October 8. Over 90% of these patients were 14 years of age or younger. 329 of the 472 children contracted the virus at home, and 144 via their father. 31 children were infected in kindergarten or daycare and 22 during school-related events.

New submarine

The last of the Japanese submarines was presented on Wednesday at a shipyard in Kôbe, in the west of the country. The Minister of Defense, Nobuo Kishi, and Chief of Staff of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces, Hiroshi Yamamura, were notably present. The Taigei, a large whale, is 84m long and weighs 3000 tonnes. It will accommodate a crew of 70 sailors. It is expected to enter service in March 2022, becoming the 22nd Japanese submarine, and join the fight against growing Chinese influence in the region.


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