New PCR test | Ghosn’s accomplices

New PCR test | Ghosn’s accomplices | Famous actor arrested

In the press review of Tuesday, September 8, we will discuss: the new PCR test developed by two Japanese innovation companies, the Japanese accomplices in the Carlos Ghosn affair, and finally the arrest of the famous actor Yusuke Iseya for possession of narcotics.

New PCR test designed in Japan

From the end of 2020 in Japan, a new test operating in “polymerase chain reaction” (PCR) detecting the coronavirus and influenza A and B infections should be on sale. This only requires 18 minutes to provide a diagnosis, compared to 2 hours currently. It is the company Shibuya Corp in the city of Kanazawa with the help of its partner “Kagoshima University venture SUDx-Biotec Corp” who would have designed it. They would like to submit this new device to the Ministry of Health, and claim that it is the first test in the world to simultaneously identify three different viruses from a single sample of saliva. The toll today of positive coronavirus cases in Tokyo is 170 people, a surprising jump when we counted 77 cases yesterday.

Japanese accomplices in the Carlos Ghosn affair

During the trial to be held on September 15, prosecutors intend to support the fact that, in addition to an American leader, two senior Japanese officials from Nissan Motor Co. allegedly concealed the salary of their boss Carlos Ghosn during the financial reports of the company. Greg Kelly, former director of Nissan, is said to be accused of underestimating Ghosn’s annual compensation by billions of yen over an eight-year period while Shiga Toshiyuki, former director of operations, and Koeda Itaru, former advisor, are said to have found ways to keep it a secret. The investigators would not have indicted the latter two because they would have indirect links in the case but the prosecutors still intend to shed light on this case.

Famous actor arrested

The famous Japanese actor Yusuke Iseya was arrested by police this morning in Tokyo for possession of marijuana. Investigators reportedly found cannabis at his home. The 44-year-old actor and director is widely known for his roles in many films and television series, made his debut in 1999 and won an award for his acting career by the Japan Academy Film Prize Association in 2012. Possession of cannabis is heavily supervised and prohibited in Japan.


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