New typhoon | Death of Kenzo

New typhoon | Death of Kenzô | Threat letter

In the press review of this Monday, October 5, we will discuss: the arrival of a new typhoon, the death of fashion designer Kenzô, and finally the threatening letter to a minister.

New typhoon

Chan-hom, the fourteenth typhoon of the season, is approaching the south of the Japanese archipelago. If it remained relatively stationary on October 5, it should nevertheless move northwards from tomorrow. Still weak, it will also strengthen in the days to come. Indeed, the gusts approach 90 km / h today. They should then go to 126km / h tomorrow then to 180km / h on October 7th. Okinawa and the southern islands are expected to be particularly affected. In addition, a 260km perimeter around the eye of the cyclone should be swept by strong winds. Thus, a large western part of the Archipelago should be affected.

Death of Kenzo

Famous fashion designer Kenzô Takada died on October 4 from Covid-19. His disappearance comes at the end of Paris Fashion Week which inaugurates a season disrupted by the coronavirus. Arriving in Paris in the mid-60s, he gradually managed to stand out in the fashion world thanks to his designs inspired by the jungle and his free aesthetic. Ethnic influences, and of course Asian, have always had an important place for the designer. After selling his brand to the LVMH group in 1993, Kenzô retired from fashion in 1999 to join the art world. Nevertheless, he remained an essential figure of Parisian haute couture. He was 81 years old.

Threat letter

The Minister of Economic Revitalization, Yasutoshi Nishimura, received on October 2 a letter containing a cutter blade as well as words of threat. Police said the note said “Die, Minister Nishimura” and was signed with “Fan of Minister Nishimura”. Of course, the Minister’s representatives have filed a complaint and the matter should be investigated for intimidation.


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