In the press review on Friday, May 21, we will discuss: Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines accepted in the Archipelago, a meeting between Australia and Japan to improve relations in the region and the death of the manga author Berserk, Kentaro Miura .

Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines accepted

The Japanese government officially approved the two COVID-19 vaccines developed by Moderna and AstraZeneca, thus taking an important step in the acceleration of its vaccination campaign. The Department of Health has given the green light to both vaccines for people 18 years of age or older, with two doses to be taken several weeks apart. In addition to the vaccine Pfizer, already in use, the country now has three types of vaccines. Moderna should be administered in mass vaccination centers run by self-defense forces in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as in similar installations set up by certain departments and municipalities. However, AstraZeneca’s vaccine will not be used immediately due to lingering concerns over the rare cases of blood clots reported overseas, the health ministry said. The vaccination program of Japan lags behind other developed countries. Since its launch in February, starting with healthcare workers, not all of whom are vaccinated yet, and then extending it to people aged 65 and over, only around 4% of the 126 million inhabitants country have received at least one dose.

Australia-Japan meeting

Japan and Australia will hold bilateral talks. Governments Japanese and Australian decided to organize a virtual meeting between their foreign and defense ministers at the end of the month, according to government sources. Both parties should discuss how best to strengthen a relationship “Free and open Indo-Pacific”, all keeping in mind the increasingly hegemonic actions of China. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toshimitsu Motegi, the Minister of Defense, Nobuo Kishi, and their Australian counterparts, Marise Payne and Peter Dutton, will participate in this bilateral meeting. Ministers are expected to oppose unilateral attempts by China to change the status quo using force in the East China Sea and South China Sea, and expressing concerns about China’s coastguard law, which says coastguards are allowed to use weapons. Ministers are also expected to discuss the framework for Quad, which includes the Japan, australia, india and the United States, and stress the importance of working together to counter the China.

Berserk forever endless

Kentaro Miura, manga author known for his series of dark fantasy Berserk, has died at the age of 54, his publisher announced Thursday, sparking a wave of grief from fans around the world. Praised for its intricate illustrations, this series has been cited as an inspiration by many authors and creators of comics and video games around the world. “All of us, editors, sincerely pray for his rest, expressing our deepest respect and gratitude for his work”, his publishing house said, adding that Miura’s family had already arranged a private funeral. The news of his passing was greeted with astonishment by fans. “I can’t even express how devastated I am by the death of Kentaro Miura”, the author tweeted Kelly link. Canadian artistic director Pascal Blanche praised Miura in a tweet, calling him“Author of one of the best manga that ever existed”. There are currently 40 volumes of Beserk, with more than 50 million copies in circulation in a dozen countries. “Miura-sensei was a master artist and storyteller and we had the great privilege to publish many of his best works, including his masterpiece, Berserk, tweeted the American publisher Dark Horse Comics. “He will be sorely missed. “


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