You might have heard of it before, but if you haven’t, it won’t be long, as their communication campaign is just getting started.. A project that intends to revolutionize the market for Japanese products around the world: Nippon Market.

The concept of Nippon Market

You can discover the concept in details by following this link. But here is a small presentation and our analysis of this motivating idea and well suited to our times.

Buy Japanese Products Today

According to many statistics, there is a good chance that you have already bought something on the internet. There is also a good chance that you buy regularly, or at least from time to time on websites. And since you are reading an article on a site dedicated to Japan … It is even quite likely that you will buy Japanese products on the internet.

What are the solutions to do this today? There are of course the online shops, with their more or less extensive catalogs and more or less specialized. And … more or less suited to your research, too, it must be said. Then, for the most motivated, there is proxies, which allow you to buy directly on a Japanese site (up to you), have the product delivered to the proxy warehouse, and have it transferred to you. This opens doors, but it’s still relatively tedious.

What Nippon Market offers

But can you find any regional products, artisanal, on the same site as passion fruit pocky, or the last ones demon slayer goodies who are invading Japan? We’re pretty sure not. And the founders of Nippon Market are sure of that too. And that’s what they want to change.

The concept of Nippon Market is simple: it is a marketplace (a marketplace, in good French), that is to say a unique site which allows multiple Japanese merchants to sell their products. And this at the same price as in Japan, at no additional cost to the customer.

Would it be a generalist marketplace? Not really, because these are only 100% Japanese products. Is it then a specialized marketplace? Neither, since they offer to put ALL the products that can be sent from Japan online.

All of Japan, just Japan. It is their slogan very well found. And it sums up what we just said pretty well, don’t you think?

Goodbye sweets and other Japanese dishes sold for double or even triple the price on the Internet!

How they are different

Beyond “just” functioning differently, Nippon Market differs from anything that currently exists, in many points that we are going to present to you here.

An infinite catalog

You have understood it (otherwise, we explain it to you), there is strictly no limit to the variety of products that this site can offer you. Except of course the prohibited items … But since you are honest people, let’s say that does not count as a limit.

No limit, because a new product just needs to be released in Japan, and one of the sellers registered on the site offers it, for it to be made accessible to you. A merchant just needs to register on the site for you to have access to the equivalent of a whole new store. We are talking about a site that is clearly on a whole different level than anything we have known so far in the world of Japanese products.

Basically, a kind of Amazon 100% Japan… but not really, because in addition to all that, Nippon Market integrates two essential elements to make it a truly commendable concept: ecology and equity.

Figurines, supplies, manga,… The goodies will not be outdone on this platform

The ethical sense

Ecological, because they offer an alternative to carbon offsetting: the double carbon offset. Assuming that their activity pollutes, but is nevertheless necessary to meet the growing demand of enthusiasts, they commit to planting twice the trees necessary to offset their carbon footprint. Roughly speaking, the more you buy from them, the more you are doing good to the planet on the long term. Very well done.

Fair, because not only do they offer it all at no cost to you, but in addition, they only take a small commission (around 10%) on transactions, which means that Japanese merchants do not pay more. than for their usual transactions (and much cheaper than with giants like Amazon or Rakuten). It allows you to supporting Japanese small businesses while making you happy, and without costing anyone an arm and a kidney.

Additional services

Nippon Market proposes to set up an ultra complete blog, which offers information on the country, the regions, the producers, the history … But also and above all advice, tips and recipes to know how to use the products presented on the site. An important element for testing products.

They also want to offer ancillary services, such as the sale of trips to japan, booking activities, registering for Japanese schools in Japan, advisers, etc. And that is frankly impressive. Hope they get there! But it’s very possible if they have the right partnerships.

And while there are other elements, the Wishlist feature is clearly our favorite. Because this makes it possible to offer a real interaction between users and sellers, via the platform. Since before launching this project, the team offered personal shopping services, we expect this feature to be particularly well developed, and we can’t wait to find out!

The beauty products are yours!

A virtuous circle

Do you see the connection between these points? We’re going to give you a bite to eat.

Basically: the more sellers there are, the more choices there will be on the site. The more choices there are, the more customers there will be, because it will appeal more. The more customers there are, the more sales (obvious); and the more sales there are, the more good it will do for the planet, since all the ecological impact is doubly compensated. And finally, the more customers there are, the more it will attract new sellers (logic). And that’s not all !

You can even contribute, via Wishlist functionality, so that the catalog is even more complete and that Japanese merchants know exactly what to offer for you to like it. Here then… would the circle be closed? It seems so, and with a small ecological bonus which is not negligible. And this righteous loop begins NOW.

Because Nippon Market is in the middle of the countryside to get started, and they need a fairly substantial sum to bring their project to life … But above all, They need you, that many of you support them: even if you donate only a few euros, the accumulation of tens, of hundreds of people, makes a significant total. And even more important: you show other contributors AND Japanese merchants that many of you believe in this project, which attracts even more contributors and sellers afterwards. Virtuous circle, we tell you!

So go quickly support them ! We have already done so. And we also wrote this article. It takes time, you know. In addition, you can contribute from 1 €. So if you love Japan, you have no excuses, have to go!

Nippon Market Ulule campaign link:

have you noticed the little references hidden in the counterparts?


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