Olympic Village | Sumo | Kyoto Animation

Olympic Village | Sumo | Kyoto Animation

In the press review of Monday, July 19, we will discuss: the first case of Covid identified in the Olympic Village, the victory of Hakuho at the Nagoya tournament and the anniversary of the attack on the animation studio Kyoto Animation.

Quarantine in the village

2 athletes of the Olympic Village were tested positive for Covid. The name of the delegation is unknown but already several days before one of their staff had contracted the virus. These people are isolated in separate rooms, but theThe organizers still have not clarified whether or not these athletes will participate well in the events. A news that still alerts the population. The number of positive cases linked to the Games is now 55.

Undefeated Hakuho

This weekend was held in Nagoya on Grand Sumo Tournament, and saw the consecration of Hakuho. This rikishi, wrestler, 36 years old won the 45th tournament of his career by not cashing no defeat during his 15 confrontations. In this tournament, the performance of Terunofuji also impressed. He ends the tournament with only one loss against Hakuho. The Japanese Sumo Federation will hold a exceptional meeting to know if the yokozuna title, the highest grade, can be him awarded for his recent performances.

Tragic anniversary

Yesterday it did two years than the animation studio Kyoto Animation, reputed, among others, for Clannad, was the victim of arson killing 36 people. The ceremony took place in a small committee, the company wishing to avoid gatherings during a pandemic. The murderer, always in awaiting judgment, had declared that the studio had stolen one of his works. The company is gradually recovering. Indeed, in 2021, was released in Japan and France a Animation Film around the license Violet Evergarden.


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