Olympics behind closed doors | Radioactive water

Olympics behind closed doors | Radioactive water | Tax evasion

In the press review of Friday July 9, we will discuss: the end of the wait on the presence or not of spectators at the Olympics, the United Nations aid to Japan for the discharge of radioactive water and the head of the studio of Demon slayer indicted for tax evasion.

Olympics without audience

It’s official, after weeks of hesitation, the Olympic Committee as well as the Japanese government announced that the Olympics would take place without an audience. They could no longer hold their Games position with a reduced number of spectators because the Tokyo department will pass, from Monday, under emergency state for the fourth time. On the other hand, the Japanese welcomed this news with joy because they had been expressing their dissatisfaction for months, without feeling listened to.

Discharge of contaminated water

The United Nations Office of Nuclear Oversight has accepted help japan at oversee and organize the discharge of radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean. This would allow the government to empty part of the water contained in special reservoirs which all reach saturation point. Nevertheless, it is a decision to which oppose strongly fisherman, the residents and the neighboring countries.

Tax evasion

The director of studio having realized Demon slayer, Ufotable, was pinned for tax evasion. He allegedly underestimated the company’s income and failed to report no less than 137 million yen (1 million euros) between 2015 and 2018. The fraud allegedly took place in undervaluing the cash flow and in not declaring part of taxable sales, the studio also holding cafes and restaurants.


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