Olympics without audience? | Visit to Fukushima

Olympics without audience? | Visit to Fukushima | Imperial residence

In the press review of Friday, July 2, we will discuss: the uncertainty surrounding the presence of spectators at the Olympics, a tourist visit to an evacuated village and the discovery of an imperial house in Nara.

Olympics still uncertain

Three weeks before the opening of the Olympics, the question of presence of spectators during the trials did still not been trench. The government, like the population, fears a rebound in the epidemic while the city of Tokyo checked in 676 new cases, an evolution of contamination on the rise since two weeks already. The final decision should be announced next week.

Guided tour in Futaba

In the town of Futaba, in the disaster-stricken department of Fukushima, Tatsuhiro Yamane is organizing sightseeing tours in a city where evacuations always take place, due to the nuclear accident of 2011. His goal is of to show to the visitor, walking through vacant accommodation and closed shops, than before 2011, there was life here. A real experience of seeing the reality of an evacuated city. An initiative welcomed with joy by the population.

Archaeological discovery

In the department of Nara, archaeologists unearthed the ruins foundations of one of the residential homes main for emperors and the princes. A surface of 27 meters by 12, which would have been a home dating from the 8th century. An expert walks in assuming that it would even be the house of Emperor Koken (718-770). A discovery that gradually confirms the information from the Shoku Nihongi, an imperial anthology dating from 797.


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