Olympics without public | Ex-minister condemned

Olympics without public | Ex-minister condemned | Acid accident

In the press review of Monday, June 21, we will discuss: the possibility of Olympics without a spectator, the conviction of a former minister and an acid accident in a factory.

Olympics without an audience?

Despite the will of the organizers to organize these Olympic Games with the public, despite the pandemic, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued the possibility to organize them at behind closed doors. The Olympic committee had However limited the gauge spectators at 50%, but currently 8 departments are still relatives of emergency state. Japanese infectious disease specialists have also made it known, in recent months, that the presence of a public can greatly contribute to a rebound in the epidemic.

Fine for a former minister

The former Minister of Commerce, Isshu Sugawara, was condemned by the Tokyo court for flower and money shipments to inhabitants of his riding. He was convicted of violating the Elections Act and received a 400,000 yen fine (3,500 euros) as well as a ban from standing for election and of vote for 3 years. He is not the first member of the Liberal Democratic Party to be caught up in this kind of affair.

Seven wounded with acid

This morning, in a factory in the suburbs of Tokyo, seven employees have been wounded by one acid splash. Of these seven people, only one suffers from burns on the arms due to contact with the chemicals. All were nevertheless transported to the hospital as a precaution, because they inhaled what would be vapors ofnitric acid.


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