In the press review of Tuesday, June 1, we will discuss: the very busy Tôkyô and Osaka vaccination centers, the commissioning of a fully automated PCR test robot and the tennis player Naomi Ôsaka is leaving the Roland Garros tournament. .

Mass vaccination

Vaccination efforts against COVID-19, so far not very dynamic, were relaunched on Monday by two mass inoculation centers run by the State, in Tokyo and Osaka, which hit cruising speed a week after opening. The two centers, which are run by Self-Defense Forces personnel, have met their goal of offering a maximum of 10,000 and 5,000 injections per day respectively, with Japan seeking to complete immunizations for people aged 65 and over. plus, as well as those who will turn 65 in this fiscal year, by the end of July. The Japan has been able to administer around 500,000 doses per day since Monday, more than double its capacity from three weeks ago, but is still far from its target, according to a government tally. The medical system is still under great pressure as part of the fourth wave of infections. Emergency state COVID-19 in Tokyo, Osaka and seven other departments was extended on Friday by three weeks until June 20, a little over a month before the start of Olympic Games in the capital.

A robot for PCR tests

The effort to expand PCR testing for the novel coronavirus is in full swing. A PCR test robot, fully automated and developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), was put into service at Kansai International Airport in May, having been subjected to practical experiments from March. When a container with a specimen, such as saliva, is placed on a conveyor belt, a robotic arm opens the lid of the container, adds reagents, and the PCR test is performed. The risk of accidental spread of infection is greatly reduced in this way, as human intervention is limited to actions such as placing the specimen container on the conveyor belt. It is possible to perform up to 2,500 tests per day, and the time required to obtain results is reduced to approximately 1:20 compared to 4 hours previously. KHI has developed this system in collaboration with Sysmex Corp, a leading manufacturer of medical equipment. It has been installed at five sites so far. The system is transportable, with a size of 12 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, including peripheral equipment, so that it could also be deployed at the event venue.

Naomi Ôsaka says goodbye to Paris

Japanese fans and personalities rallied in support of the tennis star on Tuesday Naomi Osaka, offering her their sympathy after she pulled out of Roland Garros and opened up about her battles with depression. The career of the quadruple winner of the Grand Slam is followed closely in Japan and the controversy in Paris, which followed his refusal to attend press conferences, made headlines on television. The reaction in Japan has been overwhelmingly sympathetic, one user of Twitter urging Osaka to “Take a good and long break”. Osaka revealed, after withdrawing from Roland-Garros on Monday, that she “Suffered from long episodes of depression” and that she “Will take a little time away from the courts”. Her withdrawal follows the aftermath of her decision to boycott the tournament press conferences, which she said amounted to “Hit people when they are on the ground”. Osaka should represent the Japan to the Olympic games Tokyo and will be one of the host nation’s most prominent athletes, if she participates. But Japanese fans urged her to take care of herself first and foremost.


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