Pandemic acceleration | Delay of the Olympics

Pandemic acceleration | Delay of the Olympics | Fraud

In the press review of this Friday, December 4, we will discuss: The results of the pandemic acceleration in Japan, the costs linked to the delay of the Olympics, and finally the fraud operated by employees of the national printing press.

The pandemic is accelerating

After Tokyo recorded more than 500 new positive cases for covid-19 for 2 consecutive days, the capital today recorded 449 new infections. Most of those affected are said to be in their 20s and 30s, and the number of serious infections is said to be declining. There are now 36 deaths, including 11 in the Hokkaido region and 8 in Osaka. The health ministry said “maximum caution is needed” and believes the country is going through an accelerated phase of the spread of the virus.

The costs of the Olympics are expanding

Prime Minister Suga said on Friday his desire to maintain the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games for the summer of 2021 and that they will be “safe and secure”. This delay would cost nearly 2 billion euros according to the organizers. The measures in what experts call the “third pandemic wave” in Japan are likely to inflate the budget which was initially around 12 billion euros.

Printing fraud

Two employees of the “National Bureau of Printing” responsible for printing Japanese banknotes were arrested by the Tokyo police. They are believed to have fraudulently obtained government aid related to the coronavirus, and have admitted the facts with which they were overwhelmed. The amount of their embezzlement would amount to 2 million yen (approximately 1.7 million euros). To do this, they allegedly sought help from government agencies by providing false documents. The 20 and 21-year-old men are also said to have provided “advice” to other employees in order to obtain such assistance.


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