Political scandal | Death sentence

Political scandal | Death penalty | Repeated cyber attacks

In the press review of this Thursday, November 26, we will discuss: the alleged fraudulent payments by ex-Prime Minister Abe, the death penalty required for a serial killer, and finally the repeated cyber attacks against finance companies Japanese.

Hidden funding from the former Prime Minister

Following the investigations revealed by the Tokyo prosecutors, former Prime Minister Abe would not have declared the funding of annual banquets bringing together his supporters. Current Prime Minister Suga, who was also the party’s general secretary under Abe, was reportedly questioned for nearly 6 hours on Wednesday by opposition lawmakers and said he did not want to comment on the matter. Shinzô Abe, meanwhile, contradicts the allegations made to him. It would be a question of determining whether the former Prime Minister would have paid well, with the money of the State, for hotels and restaurants to his collaborators during these events.

Death penalty claim

This Thursday, prosecutors called for the death penalty for a man accused of murdering 9 people. The accused, a 30-year-old man living near Tokyo, allegedly committed the murders and sexual assaults of 8 women aged 15 to 26, whose remains were found at his home in 2017. Although the man was Pleaded guilty, the defense still argued that the victims would have agreed to be killed. This thesis would have been denied by the prosecutors, the traces of struggle and the testimonies not corroborating with this supposition. The court is expected to render its final decision on December 15.

Worrisome cyber attacks

The security company ” CrowdStrike “Reportedly interviewed data security officials in companies around the world, it turns out that in Japan, nearly half of the national financial institutions and firms surveyed have suffered attacks involving” ransomware “. It would be software that encrypts computer data in such a way as to demand ransom. Some of these companies reportedly bowed out and paid 123 million yen (about $ 1 million) on average.


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