Primary immunity | Mount Fuji

Primary immunity | Mount Fuji | Cherries at auction

In the press review of Thursday, July 1, we will discuss: the words of the Minister of the Olympics, the first ascent of Mount Fuji and the sale of cherries at auction.

Non-scientific words

The Minister of the Olympics, Tamayo Marukawa made a declaration considered toantiscientific with regard to vaccination. Journalists asked him if the volunteer workers of the Games would be able to receive their second dose, because the deadline seemed too tight. To this question, she answered that the first dose was in itself a ” primary immunity“. It did not take more for social networks to ignite, we him reproach mostly to spread false rumors in an era where fake news circulates too often.

First ascent of Mount Fuji

After almost 2 years without hikers, the ascension routes of Mount Fuji reopen on July 1st. All measures have been taken in the refuges as separations between the different berths, with the aim of making mountain enthusiasts want to come back. On this first day of reopening, there are very few people, and it remains to be seen whether the national symbol will regain its past hustle and bustle.

Cherries at auction

On June 29, a box of 15 cherries was awarded to 450,000 yen (3,400 euros) in a market in the department of Aomori. This variety called ” hearts of Aomori »Benefits from a very particular care which would confer an incredible softness to them. Here is an event that would seem funny to us, but the auction around fruits or even from Pisces are a convenient widespread and mediatized. Every year the most beautiful melons are sold around 19,000 euros. The watchword is perfection of the product visually and tastefully, but it is also quite a publicity stunt for the producer and the buyer.


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