In the press review on Monday, May 17, we will discuss: the demonstration against the revisions of the immigration law, the municipalities preparing for mass vaccinations and the logo of the Paralympic Games unveiled 100 days from the start.

Demonstration of lawyers and activists in Nagoya

Lawyers, activists and others gathered in central Nagoya on May 16 to call for revisions to Japan’s immigration control and refugee recognition law to be dropped. The demonstration was organized by lawyers from the bar from Aichi to coincide with the funeral of Wishma Sandamali, a 33-year-old Sri Lankan woman who died in March while detained at the Regional Immigration Service Bureau in Nagoya. Similar protests also took place in Tokyo, Osaka and in other cities. About 80 people attended the rally, braving uncertain weather and occasional downpours. After a moment of silence for Wishma, lawyers and activists involved in supporting foreign nationals took turns at the microphone. “This legislation, which would further strengthen the already crushing power of immigration offices and speed up expulsions of foreign nationals, is absolutely unacceptable. Let’s block the forced adoption of this bill ”said the lawyer Yuko Kono, one of the organizers of the event.

Municipalities prepare vaccination centers

Local authorities are setting up their own large-scale vaccination sites, taking measures such as using old school buildings and recruiting dentists to administer the vaccines. “We are going to speed up vaccinations considerably and bring hope to the people of Gunma”, said the governor of the department of Gunma on Thursday, Ichita Yamamoto, expressing confidence in the deployment of mass vaccination, which is due to begin in early June. An old building of a primary school in the city from Ôta will be used to vaccinate a thousand people per day. Medical staff will be recruited from hospitals, so as not to divert staff from inoculation campaigns from local municipalities. The town of Kôbe, which has around 430,000 elderly residents, will hire dentists to administer the vaccines. At the end of May, it will open a space of 3,000 square meters in a building in the center of the city, where residents will be vaccinated by a dentist or nurse after consulting a doctor.

Paralympic Games: D-100

The Paralympic Games logo was unveiled at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Headquarters on Sunday to mark the 100 days before the competition opens. The symbol of “Three Agitos” consists of three elements in the shape of a circular arc in red, blue and green color. “These elements represent the Paralympic athletes who never cease to inspire and excite the world with their performances and their spirit of perseverance”, said the organizing committee of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Agito means in Latin “I move”. During the ceremony, the kabuki actor, Ichikawa Ebizo, played a play. Other participants included Tamayo Marukawa, Minister of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Mitsunori Torihara, President of the Japanese Paralympic Committee. Tokyo Paralympic Games to be held August 24 to September 5, 2021, after being postponed for a year due to coronavirus pandemic


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