In the press review of this Monday, December 7, we will discuss: the scolding of Japanese internet users in the face of new American advertising, the self-defense forces against the coronavirus, and finally the return to Earth of the Hayabusa2 capsule.

Nike advertises and fights racism

On the Archipelago, it is not always well to be of foreign origin and even less so, when one is “Japanese” with dual nationality. Young Japanese people are already not gentle with themselves, so a different color of skin, eyes or hair does not help the mores. This is how the American company Nike has chosen to campaign in Japan, highlighting cultural diversity and its richness, in order to prove that sport goes beyond discrimination and, on the contrary, strengthens the cohesion of groups.

The ad has more than 17 million views on Twitter and more on other platforms. However, some voices expressed strong discontent by disapproving of the video. According to them, the American brand portrays a too racist Japan and scolds it settles down with a call to boycott the brand’s products.

Self-defense forces to fight the coronavirus

The government plans to send medical personnel from the Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) to Osaka and Asahikawa, on the island of Hokkaido. Both cities are facing a shortage of healthcare workers as well as an upsurge in coronavirus infections. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that “Arrangements are being made to send [le personnel médical des JSDF] as soon as possible and at the request of local governments ”. Likewise, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi has announced that he is ready to send several personnel to a temporary medical facility, which will open next week in Osaka.

Continuation of a long journey in space

The Hayabusa2 space probe capsule landed in the Australian desert this Sunday. It contains samples, taken from the asteroid Ryûgû, which could help to understand the origins of life. Upon entering the atmosphere shortly before dawn, the capsule, whose heat shield reached around 3000 ° C, formed an incandescent fireball for several tens of seconds, similar to a shooting star. As for the probe, it should continue its missions by approaching two other asteroids.


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