Ready for Indonesia | Resumption with China

Ready for Indonesia | Recovery with China | Presentation of maglev

In the press review for Tuesday, October 20, we will discuss: the loan granted to Indonesia against the coronavirus, the probable reopening of the borders between Japan and China, and finally the presentation of the new maglev.

Ready for Indonesia

For the second leg of his first official trip, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stopped in Indonesia. There he met President Joko Widodo in Jakarta. The two men notably decided on a low-interest loan of 50 billion yen (about 400 million euros) to help the Southeast Asian country in its fight against the coronavirus. With 360,000 confirmed contaminations, the country is the most affected in the region. Discussions also touched on a resumption of business travel between the two countries as well as so-called two plus two security talks with the defense and foreign ministers.

Resumption with China

Japan and China are expected to agree before the end of the month to resume business travel, short and long stays. The two Asian powers are seeking to revive their economy and this will mean resuming stays for businessmen, expatriates or students. “Japan and China are extremely important neighbors to each other and there were many reciprocal journeys before the coronavirus outbreak” said Cabinet Secretary General Katsunobu Katô. “It is extremely important that economic exchanges return to the path of recovery through the resumption of travel” he added.

Presentation of maglev

The JR Central railway company on Monday presented its latest version of the maglev-type shinkansen, with magnetic levitation. The train, which is content for the moment only with an experimental track in the department of Yamanashi, will be able to transport its passengers at more than 500km / h. The trip between Tokyo and Osaka could therefore be completed in 1:07 instead of the current 2h25. However, it is not expected to enter service until 2027, not to mention the many delays that can arise on such an ambitious project.


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