Record cases | Successful interception

Record cases | Successful interception | Elderly abuse

In the press review of this Wednesday, November 18, we will discuss: the progressing coronavirus, the success of a missile interceptor, and finally the abuse in a retirement home.

Record of cases

Japan recorded more than 2,000 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, a first since the start of the pandemic, in what experts believe to be the third wave over the archipelago. The capital also saw its daily number of cases hit a record high, with 493 new infections. The previous record in Tokyo was recorded on August 1 with 472 cases. The local government should therefore quickly lower the state of alert to the maximum level.

Successful interception

The US Department of Defense said on Tuesday it had successfully destroyed a ballistic missile target, fired by a Navy ship, using a missile interceptor jointly developed with Japan. With this test, the United States demonstrated that an Aegis ship equipped with the SM-3 interceptor could “Defeat an intercontinental ballistic missile type target” Missile Defense Agency Vice-Admiral Jon Hill said.

Elderly abuse

22 workers at a nursing home in Shoo Town, Okayama County, western Japan, regularly tied ropes around the stomachs of 13 residents. According to some of the workers involved, the aim was to prevent them from “Remove their diapers”. The local government acknowledged the abuses and imposed sanctions against the managing company.


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