Record cases | “Terrace House” case

Record cases | “Terrace House” case | Heavy snow

In the press review of this Thursday, December 17, we will discuss: The new record of covid-19 cases in Tokyo, the aftermath of the suicide affair of Hana Kimura, star of the program Terrace House, and finally the heavy snowfall that would have blocked a highway.

Another new record

On Thursday, the Tokyo metropolitan government raised a new record for the number of daily covid-19 infections. It was 822 new cases today, up from 678 yesterday. In the capital also, 66 patients are said to be in serious condition. The death rate is also increasing in the Archipelago, 550 people are believed to have died from the coronavirus over 15 days in December, against 382 in November. Most of the deaths are believed to affect residents over the age of 70. Experts believe that Japan has actually been facing a “third wave” epidemic since the end of October. An attack of the virus in hospitals and health care establishments would have contributed to the worsening of the situation in the country.

News in the “Terrace House” case

Prosecutors in the suicide case of reality TV personality “Hana Kimura” have reportedly received police reports today of one of her cyber-stalkers who allegedly encouraged her act. After the broadcast of one of the episodes of the “Terrace House” reality show in which Hana Kimura could be seen arguing with one of the other members, she was allegedly subjected to massive harassment by many users via the social networks and, as a result, ended his life last May. The arrested young man allegedly harassed her using multiple accounts and apologized to the family after Kimura’s death in June, betraying her identity. The mother of the deceased hopes that these legal actions will help to change mentalities about cyberbullying.

Heavy snowfall

Japan is facing strong winter gusts, and as of Thursday, 1,000 vehicles were reportedly stranded on the highway following snowfall. It would be a traffic jam of nearly 15 km on the highway that connects Tokyo to Niigata, in the north of the country. Among those caught in the inclement weather, many would not have had access to water or food for several hours. Some drivers have reportedly contacted the local authorities, among them, a few have fallen ill because of the cold.


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