Record of infections ⎪ Akihito turns 87 ⎪ Donations for the Umitamago aquarium

Record of infections ⎪ Akihito turns 87 ⎪ Donations for the Umitamago aquarium

In the press review of this Wednesday, December 23, we will discuss: a new record recorded by Tokyo on the number of positive cases for Covid-19, the former Japanese emperor celebrates his 87 years and a call for donations for the aquarium from the city of Ôita

Tokyo records 748 new cases of coronavirus

The Japanese capital recorded 748 new infections in a single day, the government said. This new epidemic figure appears after Tôkyô had already reported 563 additional cases on Tuesday, December 22. The capital finds itself in a third wave after earlier outbreaks in April and August. The government recorded a daily high of 822 infections on December 17. The capital has recorded an average of 437 new cases per day since the beginning of December. In total, Tokyo has reported more than 53,000 infections, the highest number among Japan’s 47 departments. The total death toll in the capital stood at 568 on December 22 and more than 2,000 patients are still hospitalized, 64 of them with severe symptoms.

Former Emperor Akihito turns 87

The former Japanese emperor celebrated his 87th birthday this Wednesday, after spending a large part of the year in his residence in Tokyo, during a new coronavirus pandemic. Akihito is celebrating his second birthday since stepping down from the Chrysanthemum Throne on April 30, 2019. He then became the first Japanese monarch to abdicate in 200 years. The former emperor only left his home to visit the imperial palace and did not accept visitors who came to pay him homage.

Donations to Japanese Umitamago Aquarium Feed 15,000 Sea Creatures

In Ôita, unique gifts related to marine animals helped the aquarium in this southwestern Japanese city reach the goal of 6 million yen. Its crowdfunding campaign, which lasted only two weeks, will help feed the establishment’s 15,000 sea creatures. The number of visitors having decreased considerably since the start of the pandemic, the turnover no longer made it possible to feed all the animals and maintain the aquariums. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the establishment had no choice but to temporarily close from April to the end of May. After it reopened, the number of visitors was down by around 40% compared to 2019. The campaign was launched in November to cover the cost of food and other necessities for the 500 species.


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