Rejection of complaint | Suicide at the Olympic Committee

Rejection of complaint | Suicide at the Olympic Committee | Marigolds in bloom

In the press review of Monday, June 7, we will discuss: Korean justice rejects a complaint for forced labor during the war against 16 Japanese companies, the suicide of a member of the Olympic committee and the flowering of marigold flowers in Nokonoshima Park.

A complaint not received by Korean justice

This morning at Seoul, a court dismissed a lawsuit by a group of Koreans against 16 Japanese companies for compensation for wartime forced labor. The court said the right of individuals to claim damages for these crimes was still in force but could not not go through legal proceedings, even if, since 1965, the bilateral agreement between the two countries stipulates that the claims between the two countries have been completely and definitively settled. However, in 2018, the South Korean Supreme Court ordered Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to compensate Koreans forced to work during the Japanese colonial period. Since 2015, it is not less than 85 complaints which were filed for a total compensation amount of 8.6 billion won (5 million euros). A lawyer supporting the plaintiffs said the court’s decision was unfair because it ran counter to the higher court’s decision, and that an appeal would be immediately filed.

A suicide for the time being unexplained

At 9:20 a.m. Japanese time, a responsible for the accounting of the Olympic Committee Japanese was hit by a metro in Tokyo. According to a member of the station staff, the 52-year-old threw himself on the tracks as the train approached. For the moment the thesis of suicide is privileged even if no note or information has yet been found and no other injured are to be deplored. This news only comes at a month before the opening of Olympic Games of Tôkyô and shakes the public opinion already very hostile to the holding of the event.

Marigold flowers in full bloom in Fukuoka

This weekend, Nokonoshima Park’s marigold flowers all bloomed as the park anxiously awaits the return of visitors while awaiting the lifting of the state of emergency in the Fukuoka Department. Staff members continue to maintain the park to be ready for a possible reopening. In addition, weddings are always celebrated on site. On the park’s twitter account, employees post photos of 10,000 square meters of marigold flowers at peak flowering. Flowering is scheduled to last until the end of July, hoping that the public can enjoy it other than in photos.


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