Relaxation of restrictions | Tourism in Tokyo

Relaxation of restrictions | Tourism in Tokyo | Stock market stop

In the press review of this Thursday, October 1, we will discuss: the easing of entry restrictions to Japan for foreign workers, the resumption of tourism in the capital, and finally the exceptional shutdown of the Tokyo stock exchange.

Foreigners come back to work

The relaxation of entry restrictions on Thursday in the country allowed 3 Vietnamese workers to join a Japanese company after 4 months of waiting. The company in question, specializing in solar energy, used to recruit talented foreign nationals, especially from Southeast Asia. Japan now allows the resumption of business trips (excluding tourism) to countries that allow it and whose health situation remains under control. The capital now has 235 new covid-19 infections, bringing the total to 25,973 people recorded since the start of the epidemic.

Tourism restarts in Tokyo

The government today launched a new opportunity as part of the promotional campaign ” Go To travel Which guarantees a subsidy of up to half of tourist travel costs. From now on, Tokyo is part of the project and the return ticket to the capital is included in the program. A similar initiative to promote consumption in restaurants has been installed and tourists can expect discounts through a points system every time they make a reservation at a partner establishment. ” Go To travel »Was set up last July to revive the country’s economy and has been very successful, especially since this new opening.

Stock market stop

For the first time, due to a computer problem that occurred today, the Tokyo Stock Exchange had to be suspended for the day. The Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo stock exchanges which use the same system called ” Arrowhead“, Implemented since 2010 and redesigned in 2019, have also been stopped. Although the exact causes are not yet known, an equipment failure is believed to be the cause of this malfunction. The suspension of operations will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on domestic and foreign investors and the Nikkei index could not be calculated correctly.


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