Reopening of shops | Negative screening

Reopening of shops | Negative screening | Flower dragon

In the press review on Monday, May 31, we will discuss: the reopening of shopping malls in Tokyo, a negative COVID test required to attend the Olympics and a flower dragon in a temple in Uji.

Returning businesses

Business establishments in Tokyo, Osaka and other departments step up preparations to resume operations on Tuesday, with government hoping to strike a balance between tackling coronavirus infections and reviving a battered economy after the extension state of emergency COVID-19 until June 20. Department stores, cinemas, amusement parks and museums were initially scheduled to close as part of the third state of emergency in the country, but they will be allowed to partially reopen. Under the new guidelines, department stores in the capital and Osaka county will remain closed on weekends but will be allowed to open on weekdays with shorter opening hours. Food halls in department stores have been open on weekdays for the duration of the state of emergency and on weekends since May 12. Restrictions such as banning restaurants from serving alcohol and restricting attendance at sporting events and concerts will remain in effect beyond the date set for the end of the state of emergency.

Negative COVID test mandatory for the Olympic Games

Spectators at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be required to present a negative test certificate for the coronavirus before entering venues, according to a government plan on screening for the coronavirus. COVID-19 during the next events. The plan also includes banning spectators from eating and drinking at venues, in the hope that these strict measures will prevent the spread of infections. Central and metropolitan governments and the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee plan to decide in June on the maximum number of spectators allowed at venues. The three parties will develop concrete measures on the basis of the draft plan, which assumes that a certain number of spectators will be allowed at the venues. According to the draft, all ticket holders will only be allowed to enter the premises after presenting at the entrance a certificate attesting to a negative result dated less than a week before the date of the event. People who have received the vaccine can present a vaccination certificate instead of proof of a negative result. The cost of the test will be the responsibility of the ticket holder.

Hydrangea dragon

Six hundred hydrangea flowers arranged in the shape of an ascending dragon were on display Monday at a Buddhist temple in the department of Kyoto, in the west of Japan, with the wish for a quick end to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Flowerpots of red, white and blue hydrangeas in full bloom were placed, to trace the shape of a dragon, which ascends in search of a gem. Visitors can see the flower dragon until approximately June 10. These pots were placed on the 60 stone steps leading to the main hall from Mimuroto temple to Uji. The design was inspired by a mandala in the temple, which features a dragon and a wish-granting gemstone. “We want visitors to come and see the dragon, praying for an end to this pandemic and for economic recovery”, said Kokyo Itami, 78, chief priest of the temple. About 20,000 hydrangea flowers of over 50 varieties are grown in a temple garden, which is also famous for its lotuses and azaleas.


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