Request for approval | Strategic choice

Request for approval | Strategic choice | Controversial site

In the press review of this Friday, December 18, we will discuss: the request for validation of the Pfizer vaccine, the agreement for two Aegis ships, and finally the putting online of a controversial site.

Application for approval

The American pharmaceutical group Pfizer on Friday asked the Japanese Ministry of Health to approve its new vaccine against the coronavirus. It is the first vaccine manufacturer to make such a request in the country. If the request is validated, vaccinations could begin as early as March. Japan has already agreed with Pfizer to deliver 120 million doses in the first half of next year, enough for 60 million people, or about half of the population. “We will strictly review the efficacy and safety (vaccine) before making a judgment “, Health Minister Norihisa Tamura said at a press conference.

Strategic choice

Japan has approved the construction of two warships equipped with the Aegis missile interception system. This decision appears as an alternative after the abandonment of the plan aimed at a land deployment. While the government had given the green light to develop long-range missiles capable of attacking enemy ships while remaining out of reach, it had to back down on this point. The move comes as Japan seeks to strengthen its defense capabilities in the face of the North Korean missile threat and China’s assertion in the region.

Controversial site

The Japanese government has brought its Senkaku Islands website back online. This is a response to the assertion of the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, of the claim by Beijing of this small archipelago. The site features reports written by experts supporting Japan’s land claim. The site will subsequently be reorganized into an online database, with expert comments and videos. English translations should also be added later. The site also covers the Dokdo Islets controlled by South Korea in the Sea of ​​Japan.


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