Reserve fund | Mie forbids outing

Reserve fund | Mie forbids outing | Skin care lotion

In the press review this Tuesday, March 23, we will discuss: Japan to use 2.17 trillion yen of reserve funds for sectors and households affected by the virus, Mie becomes the first Japanese department to ban the disclosure of sexual minorities and medical students unwittingly create a very popular skin care lotion.

Japan to use 2.17 trillion yen in reserve funds

Prime Minister Suga’s Office has decided to use 2.17 trillion yen (€ 16 billion) in reserve funds for fiscal 2020 to financially support businesses and households suffering from the prolonged impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The funding includes 1.54 trillion yen for local authorities to help restaurants and bars. For households, the government has earmarked 341 billion yen to extend by three months, until the end of June, a program offering loans of up to 200,000 yen per household. Another 217.5 billion yen has been allocated to provide allowances of 50,000 yen per child to poor households.

Mie becomes the first Japanese department to banouting

The departmental assembly of Mie approves the ordinance againstouting ; prohibiting anyone from revealing a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without their consent or a valid reason. The ordinance, which aims to ” achieve a society where people recognize sexual diversity Will come into force on April 1, but it does not provide for penalties for violations. However, she asks for the cooperation of residents and businesses in the central department of Japan. In April 2018, following theouting of a student who drove him to suicide, the city of Kunitachi in Tokyo became the first local government to enforce an ordinance that included a ban onouting LGBT people.

Medical students create popular skin care lotion

Asahi Ota, a medical student fascinated early on by the hibiscus flowers blooming all over Okinawa, unwittingly created a skin care lotion. The lotion, which took about five months to complete, was first sold as a gardening product that made cut flowers last about twice as long. She was immediately exhausted. A cosmetics manufacturer quickly offered to produce the skin care lotion, which prompted Ota to focus on developing a cosmetic version of the product. Since then, “Hitoca” skin lotion has been available nationwide at a price of 4,300 yen (just over $ 30) per 100 milliliter bottle and has become a popular item.


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