Revision of the Constitution | Infertility treatment

Revision of the Constitution | Infertility Treatment | Parliamentary session

In the press review of Friday, June 11, we will discuss: the first step of the parliament towards a revision of the Constitution, the treatment against infertility and the three-month extension of a parliamentary session.

First step towards a revision of the Constitution

In an increasingly tense geopolitical context with its regional neighbors, the Japanese parliament has promulgated an amendment on referendum procedures. This text aims to facilitate the citizens’ vote during referendum by allowing them to vote in stations, for example. This law is therefore the first step towards a revision of the Constitution of 1947, with the final aim of revising article 9, which forbids in Japan the right to war. It would also include a state of emergency clause which would facilitate temporary restrictions on freedoms in a chaotic health context.

Infertility treatment

44.6% of people interviewed in Japan said they thought it was difficult to be treated for infertility. This government survey shows a difference in perception of infertility treatment with other European countries. In France this number drops to 12.3% and 16.6% in Germany. For 91.8% the cost of treatment was the main drag. In January, the government increased the amount of grants available for infertility treatment. It plans to cover this treatment under public health insurance from 2022.

Extension of a parliamentary session

Japan’s opposition Constitutional Democratic Party on Friday demanded that the parliamentary session in progress either prolonged three months to allow a more in-depth debate on the government’s response to COVID-19 and the organization of the Tokyo Olympics next month. Yoshihide Suga’s government is strongly criticized for several months, since the promise to organize the Tokyo Olympics ” safe and secure“, Even though departments are placed under a state of emergency.


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