In the press review on Thursday, May 20, we will discuss: rice planted for the first time in the abandoned city of Fukushima since the accident, a vaccine administered with a used needle and an extremely large fine after a defamation complaint.

Return from plantation to Fukushima

The local government of Futaba, department of Fukushima, started a rice cultivation trial for the first time since the triple disaster of 2011. On May 19, a dozen farmers, from areas evacuated in the departments of Tohoku, planted rice plants. “Ten no Tsubu”. The latter, produced by the department of Fukushima, was planted on about 4 hectares of decontaminated rice fields, with the support of local government employees of Futaba. Toshiro Kohata, 71, a farmer who grew pesticide-free rice in the city and sold it across the country before the earthquake in 2011, participated in the project from the city of Sukagawa, where he was evacuated. As he looked at a rice planting machine in a paddy field, he smiled and said: “I felt empty because I couldn’t do what I usually did for a living, so I’m happy that the normal landscape is gradually returning. “ After harvesting the rice, the local government will check whether the concentration of cesium radioactive is below national standards, and will throw out all the rice. The goal is to resume large-scale agriculture in 2025.

Used needle for vaccination

A person was mistakenly vaccinated with a used needle during the massive coronavirus vaccine inoculations in Gojo town, Nara county, the city government said. According to him, the error occurred during the vaccination of residents aged 65 and over, which began around 1 p.m. at the municipal community center in Nishiyoshino. A doctor dispatched by the city’s medical association accidentally administered the vaccine with a used needle. The doctor reportedly noticed that something was wrong and, comparing the number of questionnaires that each person filled out before getting vaccinated with the number of used syringes, he discovered that he was missing a syringe. The mayor of Gojô, Yoshinori Ota, issued a statement in which he said: “We apologize for having damaged confidence in vaccinations. We will work carefully to prevent similar incidents from happening again ”. The city government said the person vaccinated with the used needle was receiving their second dose of the vaccine against the COVID-19.

Heavy fine for defamation

Man who tweeted insults at Japanese reality TV star after her suicide was fined 1.29 million yen (around 9,700 euros). His comments had raised concerns about cyber-harassment. The civil libel suit was brought by the mother of Hana Kimura, cast member of the show “Terrace House” of Netflix, who committed suicide a year ago at the age of 22. A lawyer representing Kimura’s mother, Kyoko Kimura, told AFP, the court ordered the man to pay damages. “I am truly grateful to the court for having recognized that this was an act of serious defamation”the lawyer told reporters after the trial, which the man did not attend. “What I really had in mind was that I wanted the individual to face what he had done. There has been absolutely no demonstration of this. And it was unfortunate ”. The show was canceled after Kimura’s death, which also prompted Japanese ministers and lawmakers to take action to tackle cyber-harassment.


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