Sexual assault | Illegal funding

Sexual assault | Illegal financing | Resumption of exchanges

In the press review of this Tuesday, November 24, we will discuss: the too many undeclared sexual violence, the suspicions of illegal funding for Abe, and finally Japan and China which are emancipating from quarantine.

Sexual assault

A survey of victims of sexual violence, published on November 20, showed that less than 30% of victims reported the facts to the police or to support groups. Many even find it difficult to recognize abusive acts as sexual violence. The results of the online investigation conducted by the Spring organization are expected to be submitted to an expert panel at the Department of Justice, which is currently continuing the debate on revisions to the Penal Code to make non-consensual sex punishable.

Illegal funding

The office of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzô Abe is suspected of having spent around 8 million yen (65,000 euros) on dinners organized for supporters of the ruling party. This may be a possible violation of the law on the control of political funds. Each dinner was held on the eve of a state-funded cherry blossom admiration party, itself at the heart of a similar controversy.

Resumption of exchanges

Japan and China have agreed to start allowing business travel without observing a 14-day quarantine period before the end of the month. This major relaxation of travel restrictions linked to the coronavirus aims to help the economies of both countries. During a meeting in Tokyo, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi also addressed the Senkaku problem.


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