Two masks per household. The measure made my husband smile. “Hey, I didn’t know Shinzo Abe had humor.” And then he was disillusioned, like millions of Japanese. Because this measure is NOT an April Fool’s Day and the government is … serious.

Japan, where wearing a sanitary mask is common and normal, the mask shortage that has lasted since February puts the population in PLS.

Overwhelmed, the Japanese authorities began by banning (a little late) the resale of masks at exorbitant prices and helping producers to speed up production.

Hardly lost, at the moment masks are being bought drop by drop in Japan.

But the increase in the number of cases in Japan raises fears that the epidemic does indeed settle in the archipelago. The government task force, formed last week, is working hard to provide health and economic solutions. They have 10 days to complete this mission.

But one of the findings that they decided to implement is a pill that is hard to swallow for the Japanese: the distribution of 2 masks, “in cloth” (understand: not the most effective) in 50 million households.

By mail.

(Take a minute to imagine the time and energy it will take…)

Announced by Shinzo Abe on April 1, the measure of the “2 masks” initially made people laugh. The inhabitants believed to discover there a new facet of their prime minister, a little joker side.

2 masks

They were disillusioned by opening their newspapers the next day, discovering that this measure, well it’s serious.

The good news is that they are reusable.

The bad news is that it’s a one-time deal for 2 masks per family.

“United States, 2 trillion dollar stimulus plan

Japan, two masks.

It’s an April Fool’s Day, isn’t it? ”

“South Korea: people in quarantine receive aid as in photo 1 & 2

Taiwan: every two weeks, 9 masks are distributed per adult and 10 per child

Japan: two masks per family (only once)

The Japanese administration is really too incompetent ”

#NousTrompezNotWithTwoMasks »

It wasn’t April Fool’s Day

The announcement, made in the evening, was not completely taken as well, April 1 requires. To be honest with you, my husband checked out several reputable news sites before realizing the obvious. The information was true. There is no doubt that Internet users have taken their heads in their hands – virtually, so as not to touch their faces.

“Everyone’s reaction after the announcement of the“ 2 masks ”measure”

“Me, every time the government makes an announcement lately.”

Two is always better than one

Japanese internet users were not lacking in humor. We can thank Shinzo Abe for making us smile, at the expense of his measure, and for a few moments to forget the gravity of the situation.

He shows us the way on using the 2 in 1 mask.

“Flash info: 2 masks per household”

What to do if…

Do you have more than two heads?

“Asura (Indian demigod), when he learns that they will only distribute 2 masks. “

“Hydrogen triox after having received only 2 masks”

“King Ghidorah who received only 2 masks”

“Understand us: we had no choice. “

Well. Certainly, in Japan, 34.6% of households have only one person. Perhaps this should be seen as a clever calculation on the part of government experts.

In the meantime, the fact remains that families of more than 2 people will have to make a choice… As in this scene from Si tu tends l’oreille, a classic from Ghibli studios.

“Shizuku, we only have 2 masks…”

Chihiro, from the famous animated film Spirited Away by Miyazaki (studio Ghibli again) can no doubt share Shizuku’s feelings…

“Government announcement: distribution of 2 masks per household.”

But of course it is !

The most serious Internet users have generously decided to explain to others that it is simply a question of understanding how a family can use 2 masks.

“How to use 2 masks.”

The famous Sazae-san comic book also showed an effective alternative, including the family cat.

“Last night I received this picture from a friend and laughed so hard I was about to wake the kids up. ”

In Hokkaido, the mask for a meal

It is the game of supply and demand. A mask, rare and desired, becomes an object of barter. Strength.

= “In Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, a man broke into the home of an elderly couple on March 29. Holding a saw in his hand, he threatened them for a meal. Having asked for rab ‘of rice, he stole 2,000 yen and… threw 10 masks behind him before running away. “

The Japanese government is * still * doing good deeds

Although the measurement of 2 masks per household is criticized for being expensive and ridiculous given the gravity of the situation, it should be remembered that the government has given priority to hospitals. After handing out 15 million masks last month, they plan to hand out the same number of masks this month.

The Prime Minister’s office also announced that fabric masks will be distributed to establishments welcoming the elderly and disabled as well as to schools. Details have yet to be released to the public, however.

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