If you are in love with Japan, you undoubtedly know the recipe for shougayaki: pork with ginger. Quick to prepare and delicious, it appeals to young and old alike.

The recipe for pork with ginger, shougayaki in Japanese, can undoubtedly worry the not gifted.es of the kitchen at first glance. Its name alone announces at least 2 ingredients, including ginger which has an air of sophistication.

But I assure you, if I can cook it, you should be fine. Despite my two legendary left hands in the kitchen, I succeed in my shougayaki every time and in less than 20 – 25 minutes.

Without further ado (because, like you, I hate extended recipe articles): THE RECIPE.

The ingredients of shougayaki (dummies)

  • Thin slices of pork *

*For vegetarians, meat substitutes, such as fine croquettes breaded with pea flour, work amazing! This is relatively easily found in Japan ( 大豆(だ い ず)ミ ー ト) and I’m sure you can find similar alternatives in France.

  • Garlic (1 clove, or more depending on mood)
  • grated fresh ginger (don’t skimp on the quantity)
  • salt & pepper
  • oil (shougayaki recipes recommend canola oil, at Le Boeuf – Nishizawa, we run on olive oil)
  • an onion (or onion, depending on your sect of the French Academy)
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of mirin
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking sake
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (I recommend brown sugar)

Optional: finely sliced ​​spring onion

The recipe, step by step

1 – Gather all the ingredients on your counter first, because it do better, as the other would say. All kidding aside, having everything on hand and having an organized work plan can generally prevent any disaster in the kitchen.

2 – Above a bowl, start by grating the ginger, garlic and onion with passion.

3 – Then add all of your seasoning to this first mixture: soy sauce + mirin + cooking sake + sugar.

4 – Then, heat your pan and start to cook the slices of pork (or substitute), spreading them well separately, to brown them on each side. Add a little pepper and salt. If necessary, it should be done in several batches. The slices should be cooked sufficiently, but not to the point of becoming hard.

5 – Once the meat is ready (if several batches, return everything to the pan), add the contents of the bowl. Sauté immediately (quickly what) and serve with the scallion on top (optional, the scallion).

Variant : the husband prefers to brown the onion cut into small pieces rather than grated and I like it in slices. He also tends to marinate meat with ginger and a little seasoning before leather.

We put the onion to brown in the pan with a little oil first, then the meat with the seasoning, which we gently caramelize.

presentation of pork with Japanese ginger, shougayaki

A typical dish for lunch

Ginger pork is on the menu of many restaurants and small dairies around offices because of its simplicity, relatively low cost and efficiency. The shougayaki quenches the big appetites!

It is also a dish that the Japanese use for their bentos. But I’m less convinced, because so far I’ve always found that shougayaki isn’t very good reheated. Undoubtedly the passage in the fridge does not succeed with the cooked pork, which then becomes a little hard to the bite. Maybe the vegetarian version doesn’t suffer from this concern!

If you are testing the shougayaki recipe, let me know!

Japanese vocabulary

Japanese Romaji French
生姜 焼 き(し ょ う が や き) shougayaki Ginger Pork
生姜(し ょ う が) shouga ginger
豚 肉(ぶ た に く) butaniku pork meat
(た ま)ね ぎ tama negi onion
醤 油(し ょ う ゆ) shouyu soya sauce
味 醂(み り ん) mirin cooking vinegar (or sweet sake)
料理 酒(り ょ う り し ゅ) ryourishu cooking sake (also known as cooking sake)
大豆(だ い ず)ミ ー ト daizu miito soy meat
弁 当(べ ん と う) bentou lunch box (designates the container and the contents)

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