Sport, cinema and viruses | Toyota wins Le Mans

Sport, cinema and viruses | Toyota wins Le Mans | Typhoon Dolphin approaching

In the press review of this Monday, September 21, we come back to the lifting of restrictions on the reception of the public in stadiums and cinemas, the victory of the Japanese car manufacturer at Le Mans and a next typhoon expected for this Wednesday.

Stadiums and cinemas authorized to more public

Last Saturday, the Japanese government relaxed its sanitary rules in order to accommodate more people in stadiums, sports venues, cinemas, etc. The 5,000-person mark was thus crossed with a first match between DeNA BayStars and the Yomiuri Giants at Yokohama stadium with a total of 13,106 spectators. The rule is to be able to accommodate half the capacity of these establishments. Gradually, social and economic activities are resuming their place, however the government remains cautious, and will decide whether or not to maintain this measure, depending on the return of seasonal flu and the evolution of Covid-19. To date, the Japanese capital has recorded a drop in infections falling below the mark of 100 people infected with 98 new cases.

The 24 hours of Le Mans: the Toyota hybrid first at the finish

This is Toyota’s third consecutive victory at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, with this year a competition without spectators in the stands because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the race will have been shifted by 3 months compared to the historical calendar but that did not prevent the Japanese manufacturer from confirming its supremacy on this circuit despite some problems at the halfway point. The Toyota TS050 hybrid team with the number 8 was made up of Japanese drivers Kazuki Nakajima, Swiss drivers Sébastien Buémi and New Zealand drivers Brendon Hartley.

Tropical storm to arrive in Japan on Wednesday

According to the official meteorological agency of Japan, Typhoon Dolphin will hit the Japanese archipelago with intense rains and winds in the middle of this week. The entire Japanese east coast is affected by this alert, the agency advising the population to stay informed about the future development and the trajectory that the typhoon will take in the coming days. As a reminder, here is the official website of the Japanese meteorological agency in English with all the information concerning weather and seismic phenomena in Japan.


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