State of emergency ⎪ Abe at the heart of an investigation ⎪ Earthquake in northeastern Japan

State of emergency ⎪ Abe at the heart of an investigation ⎪ Earthquake in northeastern Japan

In the press review of this Tuesday, December 22, we will discuss: opposition between Suga and the health authorities, Abe questioned by prosecutors and an earthquake that shakes northeastern Japan.

Yoshihide Suga denies need for state of emergency in Japan

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated his position that there was no need for Japan to call for a national state of emergency. Some health authorities have still sounded their own alarm bells, in total contradiction with the Japanese government. According to them, the number of cumulative infections has exceeded 200,000 cases in less than two months and would be reason enough to put in place stricter measures. The president of the JMA (Meteorological Agency of Japan) called on the government to take more measures to combat the pandemic, saying that “ effective infection control measures will also be the most effective economic measures. “.

Shinzô Abe questioned by prosecutors on funding for spring dinner.

Former Prime Minister Shinzô Abe was questioned this morning by prosecutors about allegations that his political group illegally covered part of the costs of the supporters’ dinner, held the day before the Cherry Blossom Festival, in the month March 2020. According to sources familiar with the matter, an investigation was already open against Abe’s secretary for allegedly failing to record income and expenses related to the dinner events. The total costs, not reported in political fund reports, could exceed 40 million yen. The former Prime Minister denies his involvement in this case, which can still be prosecuted by prosecutors.

Earthquake shakes northeastern Japan

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked northeastern Japan early in the morning yesterday, but no tsunami warning was issued, the Meteorological Agency said. Described as frightening by population numbers, the strength of the earthquake had to be revised upwards, compared to the difference in magnitude calculated at various points in the northeast. Off Aomori county a low 5 was recorded, while in Iwate county a high 7 was reported. No injuries or major damage were immediately announced, and no anomalies were detected in nuclear power plants and other facilities affiliated with the region.


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