State of emergency | Evacuations | Rehabilitation center

State of emergency | Evacuations | Rehabilitation center

In the press review of Thursday, July 8, we will discuss: the declaration of a health emergency in Tokyo 2 weeks before the Olympics, the preventive evacuation order for 1.3 million inhabitants and a rehabilitation center sued for misdiagnosis.

State of emergency declared

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared, a few hours ago, state of health emergency for the department of Tokyo and extends the duration of that ofOkinawa. The measure will enter into force on Monday and will last until August 22. It is therefore very likely that the Olympics will take place without a spectator. It’s about fourth state of emergency for the department for over a year.

Preventive evacuation

In the regions of Chugoku, Shikoku and Kinki, residents received a evacuation order because of torrential rain sweeping across the west of the country. Not less than 1.3 million people are concerned by that order. For example, in the Mihara city, in the department of Hiroshima, the rain falls at the rate of 50 mm per hour. These rains also disrupt a large part of public transport, forcing some train lines to be stopped.

Diagnostic error

A mother sued Kitakyushu Social Assistance, running a rehabilitation center, for a diagnostic error. Her daughter has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability and a developmental disorderbecause she seemed to have a hard time understanding others. In reality, she suffered from hearing impairment. The mother request therefore 20 million yen (150,000 euros) in compensation, because for several years her child could not receive the appropriate care.


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