In the press review of Friday, April 23, we will discuss: A state of emergency declared in four departments, financial assistance given to companies in the face of the virus and a collision between two fighter planes in the west of the country.

State of emergency announced in four departments

After the Osaka department, the Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared a state of emergency in the departments of Tokyo, of Kyoto and of Hyôgo, in order to stem the outbreak of COVID-19 during the next vacation of the Golden Week. Stricter restrictions, such as the temporary closure of establishments serving alcohol and the closure of major commercial facilities, will be in place from April 25 to Sunday May 11. The emergency declaration, which affects about a quarter of the Japanese population and a third of the country’s economy, comes three months before the opening of Tokyo Olympics. Despite the near-state of emergency in effect in 10 departments, which includes measures such as closing restaurants and bars at 8 p.m., the number of new infections nationwide has exceeded 5,000 for the second day. consecutive Thursday. “We need more stringent measures to control highly contagious variants”, said Yasutoshi Nishimura, the minister responsible for the coronavirus. Nishimura called on the population to stay at home and to refrain from any non-essential outings during the state of emergency.

Up to ¥ 200,000 in aid against Covid-19

The government is arranging for up to 200,000 yen per day to large commercial facilities and to the companies concerned which comply with the requests for closure of the governors of the departments. Arrangements are also made to provide up to 200,000 yen per month to small and medium-sized businesses whose sales have halved compared to the pre-pandemic. To strengthen the effectiveness of the state of emergency, the government hopes to increase the number of businesses that comply with closure demands, offering money in return for their cooperation. This is because these businesses are likely to suffer greater losses if they close during the holiday period of the Golden Week.

Collision between two F-2 planes in the west of the country

Two Japan Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) F-2 fighters made contact with each other in flight over the northern department of Yamaguchi, in western Japan, April 22. Both fighters belong to the air base Tsuiki of ASDF, which straddles the city of Chikujo and other municipalities in the department of Fukuoka. About an hour after the incident, which occurred just after 3 p.m., the hunters returned to base. The two pilots and a photographer on board were not injured. Two pieces fell from one of the planes during the incident, and were not found. According to ASDF, one of the planes was a two-seater F-2B and the other a single-seater F-2A. An official explained that the nose of the F-2A struck the vertical tail of the F-2B. The two planes left their base and were flying in formation north, near Mount Hanao, which overlooks the towns of Nagato and Mine in the department of Yamaguchi. ASDF investigation of the incident, including the cause of the contact.


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