State of emergency | Less strict high schools

State of emergency | Less strict high schools | Dialect of Awa

In the press review of Thursday, June 17, we will discuss: the possible establishment of a state of emergency for the Olympics, the abolition of overly strict measures in high schools and videos for learning the Awa dialect.

Olympics under a state of emergency?

A team of researchers led by Takaji Wakita has expressed fears about the holding of the Olympics this summer. According to them, a emergency state is necessary in order to curb the epidemic. The number infections could leap until 10,000 per day if the event is held with the public. They therefore fear a strong enough rebound, not to mention that people are now trying to get back to their former lifestyle. Normally, this month, the Olympic committee should definitively decide the spectator issue.

More flexible measures in high school

In Mie County, west of Nagoya, a reform of rules for the high school students will come into effect this year. It is pushed by the school board of student guidance to to evolve the thought that “Students must be pure, bright and righteous”. The abolished rules concern the romantic relationship between students, haircuts, the color of clothes and underwear. According to the commission, it is necessary to abandon these “Relics of the past” to be able to envision the future of education.

Videos on the Awa dialect

15 videos were produced by the Tokushima County Association for International Trade, in order tohelp the foreigners in their everyday life. Through these short videos, they will be able to learn Japanese, but also the Awa dialect, originally from the department of Tokushima, still widely spoken In the region. The department hopes to be able to support those who cannot take courses because of work, distance or who do not understand the dialect at all.


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