In the press review of this Tuesday, September 29, we will discuss: a statue that Tokyo does not like, foreign students who are struggling to find work, and finally the planned resumption of the ceremonies of the imperial family.

Statue and discord

Japan is not happy and is making it known. Indeed, the Secretary General of the Cabinet, Katsunobu Katô, let it be known that he regretted the recent installation in Berlin of a statue of a young girl symbolizing the “comfort women”, Koreans forced into prostitution during the war. . Katô, in a press conference, indicated that this did not correspond to the position of Japan on the issue, nevertheless leaving the door open to an improvement of relations with Seoul. “We will approach the various parties involved for the removal of the statue”, said the secretary general, adding that the government will also seek to make its position understood to the international community.

Students in difficulty

Many foreign students currently in Japan find themselves in difficulty in the search for the hoped-for job. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the economy, leading many companies to be more cautious about recruiting. The country is also worried about seeing workers leave, qualified or not, and leave the Archipelago when it is in the grip of a labor shortage. This phenomenon also affects, to a lesser extent, Japanese students.

Official heir

The Japanese government is considering ceremonies for the accession of Akishino, the emperor’s brother, to the title of crown prince, during the month of November. Originally scheduled for April, they had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. These ceremonies should also bring back to the table discussions regarding the succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne, with only three heirs remaining: Akishino and his son Hisahito, as well as Hitachi, the emperor’s uncle, aged 84. years.


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