Listen to a genius pianist

Last spring, Ryuichi Sakamoto, an experimental and jack-of-all-trades composer, performed on his YouTube channel, in full lockdown. Soberly titled “Playing the Piano for the Isolated”, this one-and-a-half hour concert brings together many solo pieces, including the famous Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, from the soundtrack of Furyo (Nagisa Oshima’s film, released in 1983). This new genre recital also features a duet with musician Hidejiro Honjoh accompanied by his shamisen, the traditional string instrument used in Japan.

Dive into the Japan of before

A lake in Japan seen by Baron Adolphe de Meyer.

A great socialite and insatiable traveler, Baron Adolphe de Meyer, who was also a fashion photographer, documented, through sober and refined photos, his peregrination through Japan in the spring of 1900. From the temples of Kyoto to the park of Ueno in Tokyo , he looks at the delicacy of the landscapes, without falling into the pitfall of the fantasized exoticism of a country newly opened to foreigners. If many photographs were destroyed by the baron himself, some are preciously preserved in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Compiled last year in a superb book case published by Louis Vuitton, they offer a poetic immersion in the Japan of the Meiji era.

Fashion Eye: Japan, Adolphe de Meyer, Editions Louis Vuitton, € 50.

Stroll through an arty building

In the building of the artist-handyman K-NARF, the first level dedicated to the “Hatarakimono” photo project.

Transforming the “super-ordinary” into an “extra-ordinary” archive for future generations, this is the credo of the artist-handyman K-NARF, inventor of his own process of photographic development, called “tape-o-graphy” “. Failing to be able to visit his new studio based in Kyoto, we will console ourselves with its website, which allows you to stroll through a building where each floor, accessible by an elevator, opens onto an art gallery. Do not miss the first level dedicated to the photo project Hatarakimono immortalizing the trades doomed to disappear in the Japan of tomorrow. While waiting for an exhibition of these same archives, scheduled for… 2042.

Mixing up a cult dish

The ramen of Gaijin Ramen Lab.

A true culinary institution in Japan, ramen is, in its traditional form, a dish consisting of wheat noodles served in broth and assorted with pieces of pork, seaweed, fermented bamboo shoots, green onions and of a soft-boiled egg. This comforting steaming bowl is rightly put in the spotlight at Gaijin Ramen Lab, who imagined a version delivered in a kit, to assemble in less than five minutes. The fruit of several months of research to transcribe the excellence of the flavors of this dish, this artisanal and locavore ramen is accompanied by sake and a Japanese flan with pumpkin and caramel to complete the gourmet experience.

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