In the press review on Friday, June 4, we will discuss: Japan gives priority to students going abroad, the reception of the Japanese Prime Minister at the Tokyo Olympics is canceled and Naomi Ôsaka becomes the best female athlete paid all the time.

Priority to students

Japanese government to prioritize students hoping to go abroad as vaccine rolls out COVID-19 before the new academic year in the West, from September. The move comes as some universities in countries such as the United States have adopted requirements requiring that students be vaccinated before being allowed to participate in face-to-face classes. Students from these universities will be eligible after June 21, when the Japan will expand its vaccination program to workplaces and campuses, the sources said. After being vaccinated, they will receive certificates that they can present to foreign universities. According to the ministry, 58,720 Japanese students were enrolled in degree courses at universities abroad in 2018, including 18,105 in the United States, 14,230 in China and 9,196 in Taiwan. Japan is rushing to speed up its vaccine rollout, which was initially delayed by the slow approval process and shortage of doses, and has, more recently, suffered from a shortage of health professionals to administer them.

Post-Olympic reception canceled

Reception for foreign dignitaries planned by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga August 8, day of the closing ceremony of Tokyo Olympics, has been canceled, a cabinet member said on Friday. “We will not be having an event where people get together, and which involves eating and drinking, from an infection prevention perspective.”, said the Minister of the Olympics Tamayo Marukawa. The International Olympic Committee has already abandoned his plan to organize a big ceremony at the Tokyo National Theater before the official opening of the Games on July 23. The Tokyo Games should see no less than 78,000 officials and personnel arriving from abroad, ie less than half of the 180,000 initially planned. But Japanese organizers are looking to reduce that number even further.

Highest-paid female athlete Naomi Ôsaka

Tennis star Naomi Osaka once again became the highest-paid female athlete in the world this year by winning $ 60 million (49 million euros) in one year, shattering its previous record of $ 37.4 million (30 million euros) established last year, according to the forbes magazine. The American magazine specifies that she has more than 20 partners and wins $ 55 million (45 million euros) in advertising. She will be ranked No.12 on Forbes’ list of the 50 highest-paid athletes in the world, which will be released shortly, making a significant jump from last year’s No.29 ranking, the magazine said. Naomi Osaka recently stated that she was withdrawing from Roland Garros, then revealed that she had suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time. Forbes cited experts who said that neither its value nor its branding should be damaged by this release.


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