Suga in Vietnam | Computer attacks

Suga in Vietnam | Computer attacks | Abe at Yasukuni

In the press review of this Monday, October 19, we will discuss: Suga’s visit to Vietnam, computer attacks against Japanese research, and finally Abe again at Yasukuni.

Suga in Vietnam

Yoshihide Suga arrived in Vietnam this Sunday for his first trip abroad as Prime Minister. Today, in a meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc, they decided to cooperate on regional issues, especially regarding the South China Sea, where China’s growing assertion in disputed waters is prompting concern of its neighbors. They also agreed to resume regular flights soon and to implement a “commercial bridge” allowing executives and skilled workers to travel without a quarantine period, but taking certain precautions against the coronavirus.

Computer attacks

Several Japanese research institutes working on a vaccine against the coronavirus have been affected by a computer attack. These attacks, probably coming from China, are a first for the country. As the source of the vaccine accelerates, attacks were noticed as early as April. However, no information leakage report has been made. The government calls on industry players to be more vigilant against digital attacks, especially regarding emails containing viruses.

Abe at Yasukuni

For the second month in a row, former Prime Minister Shinzô Abe visited Yasukuni Shrine, considered a symbol of Japanese militarism by neighboring countries. He stated : “I visited the shrine to show my sincere respect to the spirits of the war dead”. Asked about this visit, the government, via the secretary general of the cabinet, Katsunobu Katô, indicated that he should not interfere in Abe’s choices, this visit having been made in a private capacity and on the basis of his personal convictions.


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