Suga – Macron | Motegi on the go

Suga – Macron | Motegi on the move | Back to business

In the press review of this Tuesday, October 6, we will discuss: the interview between Yoshihide Suga and Emmanuel Macron, Toshimitsu Motegi’s new trip, and finally business trips with South Korea soon authorized.

Suga – Macron

On Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga spoke by phone for nearly 25 minutes with French President Emmanuel Macron. The two men agreed on the need for Japan and France to play a major role in the fight against the coronavirus or other global issues, such as North Korea, tensions in the Indo-Pacific zone or the Olympics. . They also expressed the wish to strengthen the “Special partnership” which unites the two countries, in order to improve relations that have become stronger than ever under the mandate of Shinzô Abe.

Motegi on the go

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi continues to travel abroad. After Europe and Saudi Arabia, he is expected to travel to Mongolia this week, where he will meet President Khaltmaa Battulga and his counterpart Nyamtseren Enkhtaivan. The main objective of this trip is to discuss the kidnappings of Japanese by North Korea, with which Mongolia must mediate. Motegi also wishes “Further strengthen the strategic partnership” with the country, while a new government was put in place there in July.

Back to business

Business travel between Japan and South Korea will resume this Thursday after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus. In addition to helping the economies of the two countries, this measure could also help improve diplomatic relations, at the lowest level due to disputes over forced labor during the war. This agreement notably authorizes businessmen not to isolate themselves for 14 days if they are negative and submit their itinerary. Long-term residents will be allowed on condition that they respect the two-week quarantine.


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