In the press review of this Monday, September 28, we will discuss: the first Japanese-Russian contact for Suga, a clash with Senkaku, and finally change at JAL.

Suga-Poutine: first round

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Russian President Vladimir Putin plan to hold their first telephone meeting on Tuesday, after Suga took office last week. One of the main themes should be the reaffirmation of the two countries to continue their efforts towards the signing of a peace treaty. This will notably involve economic cooperation in order to develop the territories at the heart of the border conflict. Indeed, several islands under Russian control are claimed by Japan under the term Northern Territory. Suga is therefore following in Abe’s footsteps concerning Japanese-Russian relations. The new prime minister is also increasing videoconferences with other world leaders, and Emmanuel Macron should be one of those people.

Contact to Senkaku

A Japanese coastguard patrol vessel collided with a fishing vessel from Taiwan on Sunday in the waters of the Senkaku Islands. No one was injured and the damage was slight, notably allowing the fishing vessel to return to port. According to the coast guard, the vessel was illegally fishing in Japanese waters and was ordered to leave. It was while the two boats were sailing side by side that the collision occurred. Taipei has requested clarification of the incident and an investigation has been opened. The Senkaku archipelago is administered by Tôkyô but claimed by China and Taiwan. However, Taiwanese policy on this subject is much more calm than that of its giant neighbor, which does not hesitate to play the card of provocation.

Ladies and gentlemen

Japan Airlines has announced that it will end its gendered announcements for calls made in English at the end of September. So it’s the end of “Ladies and gentlemen” (Ladies and Gentlemen), in flight and on the ground. These terms should be replaced, depending on the context, by expressions like “Everyone” (everyone) or “All passengers” (all passengers). According to the company, the reason for the change is to include LGBT minorities. It will also give same-sex couples the same booking options as families. Competitor All Nippon Airways is also considering these changes.


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