Suga wins the elections | Suganomics

Suga wins the elections | Suganomics | Covid-19 down in Tokyo

In the press review of this Monday, September 14, we will discuss: Suga who wins the election to succeed Shinzô Abe, the future economy of Japan with Suga at its head, and finally the coronavirus assessment of the day in Tokyo.

Suga will become prime minister

Cabinet Secretary General Yoshihide Suga was elected today by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) as head of the country, to succeed Shinzô Abe. His victory was practically assured and he won 70% of the votes. He had long been the prime minister’s main right-hand man and it was only natural that he presented his long-awaited candidacy. During the speech after his victory, Suga expressed his gratitude to Abe and called on lawmakers to applaud the latter. He stated “I will take over and continue the efforts of Prime Minister Abe. “

New economic policy and “Suganomics”

Suga spoke about after his election and what he plans to accomplish in the future. He particularly insisted on maintaining continuity with Abe’s reign and wished to continue his economic policy. He aspires, among other things, to “Maintain the same relationship with the Bank of Japan” and, like his predecessor, he should ignore the idea of ​​lowering the consumption tax. There is some speculation that he will strengthen local economies in the future, being the son of a farmer. Having always defended the fall in communication costs in Japan, it is likely that he will continue in this direction. It is also possible that it will study the promotion of digitization as an economic priority.

80 cases of coronavirus in Tokyo

Today in Tokyo, there are 80 new positive cases for covid-19. This is the first time in a week that the capital has dropped below the bar of 100 people infected per day. Most of the people would follow the trend of the last few days and thus be in their 20s or 30s and are mostly active people.


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